Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Exp 3: Final Submission

Image Captures:

The Meeting Space is an intimate area cut into the rock, creating an almost hidden alcove wherein you are completely surrounded by rock or water. The table represents the importance of balance and support, which are slightly more subtle yet vital aspects of power.

As each client travels along/through the bridge they experience changes in space, from the openness of the office, to a narrow tunnel, and to a larger, yet still mostly enclosed meeting space. This reflects the constant change in the nature of power.

Angela Merkel's office shows the focussed and direct nature of her power, jutting off the edge of the cliff and having a view over the ocean.

Miranda Kerr's power, to me, is more of a sense of influence due to her fame, rather than the obvious power of Angela Merkel's. Having grown up in the country, Kerr's office is quite natural - made of wood, the walls representing branches of trees, nestled into the cliff, with a garden on the roof.

Use of Textures:

Valley Map:

(Note: the correct level is in the file z3290739e_levels_33)

(I've noticed that on other computers the landscape may appear as grass rather than red rock. I've copied all the files that are associated with the level, and unfortunately I can't figure out what went wrong.)

Exp 3: SketchUp Model

This is my SketchUp model containing my elevators and dining table:

Plus a little animation:

Some Interesting Bridges

Gateshead Millenium Bridge:

What I like about this bridge is the unusual form and the way it works - rotating on its axis to allow boats underneath.

Millau Bridge:

I love how this bridge is so lightweight, and almost looks as though it isn't strong enough to stay standing.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Exp 3: 2 Draft Screenshots

2 Screenshots of my 2nd environment in Crysis:

Note: The texture for the surface of my valley included part of the following image:

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Exp 3: 36 Textures

I found the inverted versions quite interesting, so I thought I'd upload those as well:

Monday, May 10, 2010

Exp 3: Perspective Drawings

Exp 3: MashUp Article

They transcended their time; outstanding and passionate advocates of human rights. The need to protect and a prodigious capacity to bring about meaningful change allowed them to make a positive difference. With every effort, an impression of magnified ordinariness demonstrates the breadth of their commitment to their ideals. They aren't ruthless power players and have a keen insight into the necessity for certain alliances. To raise awareness and protect the environment is extraordinarily important and the great thing about having people recognize you is you can try to make a positive difference.